Meet Our Team

SPICAE has assembled a team of experienced and proven consultants and specialists with a wide range of industry experience from around the world. All our consultants are experienced in developing and implementing sustainable operational and business improvement programmes and our specialists are industry leaders in their respective fields.

Click on the team member names below to view their detailed bio (PDF).

✦ Mark Dougall, Principal / Director

 Simon Lum, Director Asian Region

✦ Werner Hess, Director South Africa

✦ John Pope, Director


Business Improvement Team

✦ Kati Karhunen, Project Manager

✦ Nigel Asken, Project Manager

✦ John Spencer, Project Manager

✦ Sara Paton, Senior Consultant

✦ Tyrell Abeyawardene, Senior Consultant

✦ Ivan Bensimon, Senior Consultant

✦ David Stokes, Senior Consultant


Organisational Development Team

✦ Peter Vaughton, Organisational Development Director

✦ Mark Casey, Organisational Developement Consultant


Specialist Advisors & Consultants

✦ Joe Adamski, Executive Consultant

✦ Janice Landy, Senior Consultant-Safety & Coaching

✦ Paul Fogarty, Senior Consultant-Safety & Coaching

✦ Andrew Schox, Specialist Consultant, Technology