SPICAE is a boutique advisory and performance improvement implementation firm that focuses on delivering value through tailored and flexible engagements designed to meet a client’s specific needs.


SPICAE was formed to meet a recognised market need for management consulting services where clients are looking for world leading expertise and proven methodologies to help them transform and improve their business, without the high costs involved in engaging leading global firms.


As an independent firm we have the flexibility to work in a way that suits our clients’ needs while at the same time maintaining an uncompromising commitment to quality, and delivering tangible and sustainable results.


The SPICAE consulting offering focuses on four key drivers that effect operational performance in any organisation:

✦ The Leadership and Culture that drives the vision and realisation of real outcomes (results)

✦ The People that work there, in particular their behaviours plus the organisational and structural framework

✦ The Work that is done through the business processes

✦ The Control of the work through the management systems and processes


However these four drivers need to be linked back to the Strategy, in order to deliver the business’s strategic intent and its financial objectives. This forms the fifth pillar in SPICAE’s offering:

✦ Strategy analysis (& development) and translation into real operation requirements and outcomes. This pillar focuses on the execution of the Strategy and the capabilities business needs to deliver to its strategic objectives.


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The name SPICAE was chosen as it the acronym of the values and attributes that we want in our professional services business:

– Delivery of superior Service by satisfying our clients’ needs in a cost effective and timely manner.

– Demonstrated Persistence is one of the most effective qualities in human endeavour.

– Our Integrity drives trust and confidence, while Innovation delivers competitive advantage.

– The Commitments we make defines how we work and allows us to maintain a results focus.

– An Adventurous but not reckless spirit, drives our thirst for difficult and complex challenges.

– Evolutionary thinking and ideas help our clients compete and succeed in an ever changing world