Our People

Our People


SPICAE has assembled a team of experienced and proven consultants and specialists with a wide range of industry experience from around the world. All our consultants are experienced in developing and implementing sustainable operational and business improvement programs and our specialists are industry leaders in their respective fields.

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Leadership Team

✦ Mark Dougall, Managing Director

✦ Burton Francis, Director New Zealand

✦ John Pope, Director

✦ Sandeep Singh, Head of Operations


Business Improvement Team

Alex van Ravenswaaij, Lead Consultant

✦ John Spencer, Lead Consultant

✦ Sara Paton, Lead Consultant

Grant Stinson, Senior Consultant

✦ Tyrell Abeyawardene, Senior Consultant

✦ Annabel Barr, Business Improvement Consultant

✦ Ana Carneiro, Business Improvement Consultant



Kevin Hutchings, Executive Consultant

James Martin, Executive Consultant

✦ Joe Adamski, Executive Consultant

Michael Watson (Governance)

David Clark (Maximo and Asset Management)



✦ Tony Overman (Risk and Resilience)