New Zealand Water Reform Roadshow

About the New Zealand Water Reform Roadshow


As part of the New Zealand 3 Water Reform Program, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has engaged SPICAE to conduct a series of webinar sessions focussed on the Australian Water Reform Journey.

The Roadshow has been designed to provide attendees an unbiased view of similar Water Reforms that happened in Australia – specifically Victoria and Tasmania. The roadshow will cover what worked well and what did not work well. It is aimed at enabling the overall process by providing a reference point from where attendees can pivot off to draw comparisons to the current reforms in New Zealand. The speakers will include former and current mayors, council CEs, water industry CEs, senior bureaucrats who ran the reform or headed regulatory bodies and span a wide range of topics relevant to the NZ Reforms.

Session Recordings

Slide Decks

1 Reform & Governance

2 Current State of Water Reform in Australia

3 Stormwater, Engagement & the Future of Water

4 Councils