Industries – Where We Work

Industries – Where We Work


SPICAE has helped transform the business of various clients across Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


SPICAE‘s methodology has broad industry application as our focus is on the fundamental elements that exist in every organisation– Strategy, Processes, Management Systems & People.


We recognise that specific industry knowledge and expertise can add significant value. SPICAE’s consultants have diverse industry knowledge including:

✦ Resources – Mining, Processing, Oil & Gas

✦ Utilities – Water, Gas & Power

✦ Government Enterprises

✦ Financial Services – Banking & Insurance

✦ IT Services

✦ Manufacturing – Metals, Food & Beverage


Case Studies – Examples of Our Work

✦ Water Utility Transformation Project

✦ Mining Construction and Operational Readiness Project

✦ IT Services Operational Improvement Project


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