Business Review and Analysis

Business Review and Analysis


SPICAE specialises in performing comprehensive business reviews.


SPICAE’s approach to the understanding of the existing or current operating environment, of a client’s business is through a comprehensive and detailed analysis of various operational areas including:

1. Organisational Design and Effectiveness
2. Management Systems
3. Processes
4. Behavioural Model


This is based on a proven methodology of studies, critiquing workshops, interviews, bench marking, surveys plus financial and operating data analysis. By following this methodology, the work activity is analysed in the work place as it occurs to place in context the historical data, plus the processes and management systems driving and controlling the work. In addition organisational elements such as accountability, levels of control, team structures and management capability are also studied.


The approach can also include a Strategic Analysis which will focus on strategic intent, culture and leadership.


Each Business Review is tailored to the client’s specific needs and will be driven by the agreed scope. This could be an end-to-end, by area or department or function specific such as production, back office, sales & marketing, procurement, etc.


The outcomes of the review are rolled up into a series of findings that include precise problem definitions, root cause analysis and quantification of the benefits that are available if the opportunity to improve is realised. Following this a detailed improvement project approach can be developed with various implementation options including client lead and executed to a range of option partnering with SPICAE (see Operational & Performance Improvement section).


A key advantage of SPICAE’s approach to Business Review and Analysis is that we tailor the program to meet the client’s requirements for scope, engagement preference (how the client wants to work with a consulting firm), plus the speed and intensity at which the work is done.