Management Systems

Management Systems


Management Systems are the tools used to control the work. This includes how work is Forecast, Planned, Scheduled and Executed plus the Reporting & Review regime.

Forecasting work involves translating the business plan for a given period into the work volumes that need to be done; this can include units of production or level of service provided against the financial targets.

Once the volumes are quantified standards for unit cost and quality, time, skills required and organisational interfaces form the Planning elements of a Management System.

With both the volume and standards information work can be planned in detailed and scheduled using the Scheduling tools available to the business.

The Execution elements of a Management System should focus on the way the work is done, how it is controlled by front line and middle managers, how resources are deployed and the effectiveness of the tools available to identify and manage variance.

Reporting on the work done against the plan is critical as it not only provides visibility of variance but ensures that both cost and quality are being managed.

The final element is Reviewing performance against plan / budget and that appropriate action is being taken is to address problems and lead the business towards achieving both its commercial and strategic objectives.