Sara Paton

Sara Paton

Project Manager



✦ MOS Implementation, Review & Design

✦ Active Management Behaviour Coaching & Transitioning Behaviour

✦ Operational Excellence Gap Analysis & Improvement

✦ Business Process Review, Evaluation & Optimisation

✦ ERP Implementation & Optimisation including SAP and MIMS Ellipse

✦ Asset Maintenance and Facilities Planning & Scheduling

✦ Zero Based & Activity Based Costing, Planning & Analysis


Education & Qualification

✦ Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

✦ Post Grad Business Enterprise

Certified Associate in Asset Management (CAAM) – AS 55001

Sara has over 25 years of business analysis and maintenance planning systems experience including leadership and management roles in business improvement. Her work has been across a range of industries including mining, utilities, transportation, government facilities, and entrepreneurial ventures in Australia.

Sara has worked in a variety of different roles within large organisations, and brings with her experience across a multitude of areas including, MOS Design & Implementation, Supervisory Coaching, Asset Management, Finance, Business Services, Business Improvement, and IT. This gives Sara a unique ability to integrate across various departments ensuring information is flowing efficiently; included in this is the ability to specify operational needs into IT requirements clearly.

Sara has a passion for coaching and continuous improvement, and uses this to deliver added value through resource development to ensure sustainability.


Clients and Projects

Following are examples of recent projects:

✦ South 32 Asset Management – Change Lead for Implementation of the centralised Asset Management Team to deploy AS 55001 across 11 remote sites. Setting up the new team and supporting the design of the implementation rollout.

✦ BHP Environmental – Project Lead for Environmental legal Compliance Management system, including the system development and Implementation. Delivering performance visibility through Spotfire reporting, knowledge management a through legal compliance database, and behavioural integration through alignment to the BHP MOS (BOS) delivery model.

✦ RIO Tinto IRON Ore Wide MOS – Project Lead for Implementation and deployment of an aligned WAIO wide MOS meeting structure, metric aligned visual management boards, and cross functional business unit team integration.

✦ FMG Integrated operations Centre review – Member of the diagnostic review team, for the FMG IOC Centralisation. Developing an implementation approach to managing the operational impact of the transition.


Other organisations include:

✦    Water Corporation

✦    TasWater

✦    Spotless Limited

✦    P&O

✦    Asset Services