Burton Francis

Burton Francis

Director New Zealand



✦ Process Optimisation

✦ Capability Uplift

✦ Operating Model Design & Optimisation

✦ Operational Improvement

✦ Operational Strategy Development

✦ Asset Management

✦ Works Management


Education & Qualification

✦ Master of Business Administration

✦ Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)

Burton has many years of international work experience including Consulting and Business Improvement with a focus on Operations. He has worked across a range of industries including utilities, mining, heavy engineering, construction, local government and IT in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle-East and India.

Burton’s experience enables him to see the big picture from a strategy lens, identify the issues/risks/opportunities at the different stratas of the organization, their root causes and quickly convert them to simple executable plans which his clients generally ask him or his team to help execute.

He is analytical, is a clear thinker, and a strong communicator. He also has a robust understanding of Process Architecture, Systems (Asset Systems, Geospatial, Dashboards, Works Management, etc.) and People (Specifically Intrinsic Drivers, Motivators & Capability for individuals & teams)

His engagements have led to bottom line benefits through increased revenue at the same or lower cost base. These have been achieved through increased efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of service or product.


Clients and Projects

Following are three examples of recent projects:

✦ Jemena – Led the successful design and implementation of an Op Model change that delivered reduced usage of contractors and delivered an annual OPEX reduction of $1.2M. The resulting solution model implemented defined new processes, improved use of systems & reporting, defined behaviour models and clarified accountabilities.

✦ Anglo American – Design and rollout of improved ways of working as part of large transformation project at three mines in South Africa that led to improved throughput of over 12% through implementation of better mine planning, maintenance, and machine availability.

✦ APA Gases – Improved processes around works planning and scheduling using Maximo to realise benefits from large Digital Transformation program


Other clients/businesses include:

✦    Atlas Iron

✦    Dunedin City Council

✦    Powercor

✦    WaterCorp

✦    Aurora Energy

✦    Whitehaven Coal