Joe Adamski

Joe Adamski

Executive Consultant



✦ Utility Sector Management & Leadership

✦ Operating Model Development & Implementation

✦ Strategy Development

✦ Large Scale Transformation


Education & Qualification

✦ Graduate Diploma of Risk Management

✦ Advanced Management Cert (MBS)

✦ Bachelor of Science (information Systems)


Industry professional. He was Managing Director of Barwon Water from 2012 to 2016 where he led a utility with $2.7b in assets, $218m revenue, 315 staff and 151,400 customers. Joe was responsible for the overall business of providing safe, secure and affordable water and sewerage services through delivering effective, efficient and innovative business practices, continuing strong customer, community and stakeholder relationship management, and engagement and maintaining environmental and industry leadership.

Joe has more than 25 years of Water Industry experience at having held a number General and Executive Manager roles with operational and strategy responsibilities. He has also been a contributor to a number of national industry boards and committees including the WSAA Urban Water Reform Steering Committee. High degree of water industry awareness – political, financial and technical – recognised by involvement in many working groups and advisory bodies across the industry.



✦   Led the development and execution of business strategies set out in the Strategic Intent from 2012 through to the currently endorsed 2016 document.

✦   2013-18 Water Plan endorsed by the Essential Services Commission, with a real -1.6% price decrease per annum, delivering customer affordability while maintaining customer services.

✦   Annual corporate plans approved by Board and positive endorsement from the State Minister for Water and State Treasurer executed, delivering operational savings, capital projects, community and customer benefits, meeting agreed regulatory outcomes and key performance indicators.

✦   Organisational changes successfully delivered, including management restructure, voluntary departure package and targeted separation package programs, and outsourcing of several key business functions without compromising service delivery and ensuring employee benefits were transferred without loss.

✦   Relaunched the iCatch innovation program, which delivers year on year savings – in 2015/16 over $4.7 million in operational savings and productivity improvement, capital savings and avoided costs and revenue generation.